For patients living in Japan

Process for receiving medical care

Process for receiving medical care


You do not need an appointment to see a doctor from Iwai Orthopaedic Hospital. Some doctors require an appointment, so please call or e-mail us in advance if you are concerned.
Many doctors at Inanami Spine and Joint Hospital are available by appointment only, so please email us in advance.

What to bring

You must bring one of the following

  • RequiredJapan health insurance card
  • RequiredID documents (driver's license, resident card, passport, etc.)

Please bring the following items if you have.

  • Letter of referral from another hospital (Patient referral document)
  • Images taken at another hospital (CT/MRI, etc.)
    * Only CD or DVD media can be acceptable. Do not bring in films.
  • Medication records that show the medications you are taking
  • Documents that show the results of medical checkups

About Medical Expenses

If you don’t have Japanese health insurance, the fee structure differs from the medical fees established under the Japanese medical insurance system. If you want to confirm the approximate cost, please contact our group.