For patients seeking to visit Japan

Process for receiving medical care

Process for receiving medical care
We provide support for an efficient trip.
We will plan an efficient schedule so that patients can reduce the number of visits and minimize their stay in the hospital. We use a medical travel firm to prepare efficient treatment plans for patients undergoing treatment by the Group.
Making Good Treatment Plans

About medical travel assistance companies

Companies which provide comprehensive support regarding to medical travel

When patients living abroad travel to Japan for medical care, they need to make a number of preparations, such as obtaining a visa, finding a place to stay, transportation, and arranging an interpreter. Our group encourages patients coming from abroad to use medical travel assistance companies. These companies provide support from the time patients leave their home country to the time they return home after completing their treatment in Japan. If you wish to receive treatment by our group, we will refer you to the following medical travel assistance company with which we are affiliated.
The services provided by the medical travel assistance company will be charged separately from the cost of your treatment. Even if you choose not to use the company's services, our group may, at our discretion, arrange for paid services such as medical interpreters (at your expense).
Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd.
Phone: +81-3-3811-8600 (English / Japanese)
+81-3-3811-8251 (Chinese)
* Available during weekdays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Japan time
* Calls from within China: 010-8592-7080

Standard treatment process

Length of hospitalization is about one week at most.

We will plan an efficient schedule so that patients can reduce the number of visits and minimize their stay in the hospital. The time required for examination, consultation, hospitalization, etc. varies depending on the method of treatment. In addition, there are individual differences in the schedule depending on the preoperative condition, postoperative course, and date of admission to the hospital.
Steps to Arrival in Japan
Please contact us in advance if you wish to receive treatment by our group.
Counseling prior to traveling to Japan
We offer a system that allows you to meet with a doctor in our group online before you come to Japan. Based on the information you provide, the doctor will give you an opinion as to whether you can be treated by our group, and if so, what kind of treatment would be suitable for you.

Counseling prior to Traveling to Japan
Counseling prior to traveling to Japan
Preparation for travel and hospitalization

Once you have decided on a treatment plan with us through counseling, you will be asked to prepare for your trip to Japan and hospitalization. Please arrange airline tickets etc. based on an itinerary with plenty of time to spare. There are different types of rooms available for your hospital stay; you will be asked to select the room of your choice.


Accompanying persons, including family members, will need to stay at a hotel.

Accommodations & Sightseeing
Preparation for travel and hospitalization
Expenses for surgery
Estimated costs for hospitalization and surgical treatment must be paid in advance.
Arrangement of medical interpreter
Please work with the medical travel assistance company to arrange for medical interpreters.
After Arriving in Japan
Consultation / examination
Once you arrive in Japan, you will be examined by a doctor. We will make a final check to ensure that there are no problems with the treatment plan that has been prepared in advance. ECG, respiratory function, and other tests will be performed to check for any problems that may interfere with the treatment. In addition, you will be asked to take a PCR test immediately prior to admission to confirm that you are negative for COVID-19.
Consultation / examination
Hospitalization and surgery

In principle, if you are undergoing endoscopic surgery, you will be admitted to the hospital the day before. For HERNICORE therapy or PLDD, you will be admitted on the same day. Endoscopic procedures are performed under general anesthesia. The operation takes about 1 to 3 hours. You can get up from the bed the day after the surgery.

Surgical Procedures
Discharge from the hospital
If there are no abnormalities in the blood test results, wound, or symptoms, you will be discharged with the doctor's permission.
Consultation after surgery
About 1 to 2 weeks after the surgery, you will be asked to come for a postoperative medical examination. If there are no problems, the doctor will give you permission to return to your country.
After Returning to Your Country
If any problems arise after returning home, please contact us at any time. If necessary, a follow-up consultation with the doctor will be scheduled. If there is a hospital or doctor near you who can provide follow-up care, we can issue a medical referral form (for a fee).