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Advanced clinical training


Although endoscopic spine surgery (ESS) has attracted attention as a minimally invasive spinal surgery technique, acquiring the necessary set of surgical skills to achieve proficiency requires specialized training and an extended time period. Establishing an appropriate training system is important for the successful adoption of ESS techniques. Our hospital already established such training system and has been accepting trainees from several different countries (US, Germany, Taiwan and India ). Attentive surgical leading is the most effective method to develop the necessary surgical techniques, however access to excellent training center in sufficient frequency is limited by cost, accessibility, and other logistical issues. Our hospital may provide you to training opportunity supported by our medical foundation. This training course (maximum 3 months) is also approved by branch of Japanese government, Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare . If you wish to master sophisticated ESS techniques, please try to apply to our training course.

I hope we will work together and you will be one of leaders in the field of endoscopic spine surgery.
Hisashi KOGA MD., PhD,
Director of Iwai FESS Clinic,
The head of Education and Training Center,
Iwai Orthopaedic Hospital

“Advanced Clinical Training” in Iwai Orthopaedic Hospital

“Advanced Clinical Training” is an option accredited by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare under the Japanese law. Currently, one who does not hold a Japanese medical license can engage only in observation-study or training in a hospital setting without patients. However, once the foreign doctor has been granted permit for this program, he/she may receive clinical training which includes clinical diagnosis and surgery of patients.

Overview of the training

This program is for the doctors under the age of 45 who aim for the surgeon specialized in spine surgery in the future. The clinical instructor will advise the doctor-in-training to obtain techniques which equal to the endoscopic surgical skill qualified surgeon in this country has. As a rule, the training period is limited to three months.

Clinical training experiences

The program, which was suspended due to COVID-19, has resumed. We hope that many more doctors will join us in the future.
Name Country Year Term
Dr. Johan Valenzuela  Dominican Republic 2023 6 months
Dr. Gideon Blumstein USA 2022 1 month
Dr. Shang Po Wang Taiwan 2020 1 month
Dr. Alf Giese Germany 2019 1.5 months
Dr. Mao-Yu Chen Taiwan 2019 2 months
Dr. Liao, Po-Feng Taiwan 2019 2 months
Dr. Giby Abraham Cherry Philips India 2019 2.5 months
Dr. Liu Yu tse Taiwan 2019 1 month
*As a rule, the training period is two months.

For physicians who wish to receive training

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